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Training Cycle, Training Steps

What is Training Cycle

Training is to be defined as, “systematic procedure in healthcare organizations in order to develop behavior, skills and abilities of the employees without considering their functional levels.”(training cycle)

The steps involved in training cycle

The training cycle is prepared based on the needs of the healthcare organisation.

Identifying training needs

The first step in training cycle is to identify the training needs. Training needs analysis (TNA) is a formal process of identifying the training gap and its related training need. It is aimed to align the training needs with the requirements to meet the organisation’s goals. It includes the availability of manpower resources, deficiencies in performance and organisational goals.


Once training needs have been identified, the next step in training cycle is to decide:

  • Areas of training.
  • Type of Training.
  • Frequency of training.
  • Identifying the trainee.
  • Identifying the trainer to conduct training.
  • Infrastructure required.
  • Training calendar.

In addition to orientation training, refresher training is also to be provided to the existing employees. The managers and supervisors should also be trained to know about the latest technologies.

Trainee preparation

The third step is preparing the trainee for the training programme. The trainee should be made aware of the training programme and details:

  • Need for the training.
  • Area and type of training.
  • Benefits of training.
  • Training calendar.

Job sequence explanation

After preparing the employees for training programme, the trainer should explain them job sequence step by step. The trainer should also show the method of performing the particular job by using audio-visual aids.

Job performance

After explaining the job sequence, the trainer performs the job again and again so that the trainee can point out the mistakes and rectify them. The trainees are also judged on their level of learning by taking performance tests.

Follow up

Follow up is the step to check the efficiency of a training programme. It is important to know to what extent the training has been successful. This stage of the training cycle deals with the analysis of training programme in order to judge the performance of the trainer. Follow up is required to check the improvement in the performance of trainees. It also helps in improving future training programmes.