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Treatment, Hypoglycaemia Treatment

What is the Treatment of Low Blood Sugar

How to Treat Low Blood Sugar

Low blood sugar also known as hypoglycaemia in medical term. Low blood sugar treatment requires ingestion of glucose or carbohydrate containing foods. When blood sugar goes down direct / pure glucose in the form of sugar is the recommended treatment. But any form of carbohydrate which complex glucose / sugar will also raise the glucose in the blood, but it takes some time to increase the glucose in the blood. Glucagon administration is one of the known treatment which helps in severe hypoglycaemia.

How to Treat Mild or Moderate Hypoglycaemia

When person feel hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar….

  • He should take 15 gram of glucose orally, wait for 15 minutes and then check the blood sugar with glucometer.
  • Person can take glucose tablets or gel; ½ cup fruit juice; ¾ cup soft drink; 3 teaspoons sugar or honey.
  • If the blood sugar level is still less than 70 mg/dl or if the symptoms of low blood sugar is persist, repeat the above said treatment.
  • When the blood sugar level is more than 70 mg/dl, and the symptoms are subsided. And if meal / snack is not planned for next 30 minutes, always take or give an extra snack of complex carbohydrate and also protein can be added it.

How to Treat Moderate Hypoglycaemia

In moderate hypoglycaemia, person has to follow….

  • Same as above said treatment has to be followed, which followed in mild hypoglycaemia.
  • You can eat 30 gram of fast acting carbohydrate may be required for treatment of moderate hypoglycaemia.

How to Treat Severe Hypoglycaemia (less than 40 mg/dl)

When person feel something abnormal but severely happening with him that time…

  • Person can take Glucagon subcutaneous or intramuscular to increase the blood glucose.
  • Intravenous (IV) dextrose, 12.5 – 25 grams is to be administered. Person can be administered IV 50% glucose slowly over 1-2 minutes.
  • Suppose person got seizure, then take active step. Place the person sideways if not to agitated.
  • In this condition glucagon should not be repeated.
  • In severe case of hypoglycaemia, it is very important to check the airway of the person. It should be clear before administration of the oral glucose.
  • Suppose glucagon is not available and person is not in that condition to take the oral fluids, you can smeared sugary substance or honey in the buccal mucosa.

How to use Glucagon in Hypoglycaemia

In severe hypoglycaemia you need to use glucagon to save the lf of the person.

  • You can give the glucagon through subcutaneous or intramuscular route.
  • For adult – 1 mg, children < 5 years – 0.5 mg. Infants – 0.25 mg
  • Glucagon increases blood glucose level by 54 – 216 mg/dl in 60 minutes.