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What is the Risk Factor in Diabetes

Diabetes foot is a long-lasting diabetes complication, which occurs due to neuropathy. When person develops neuropathy he losses the sensation of the feet.  It’s basic reason is peripheral arterial disease.

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In diabetic the sensory nerve fibres are getting damaged. Person does not feel any kind of sensation of pain, temperature and vibration that leads to frequent, unnoticed foot injuries with a callus and wound as a consequence.

In motor neuropathy, there is a loss of foot muscle function, which leads to deformation in foot shape and increases the risk of injury.

What are the Risk Factor for Development of Diabetic foot

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Charcot Joints – It is also called neuropathic arthropathy. This condition occurs due to loss of sensation after to 8 to 10 years. Jean Martin Charcot was a French physician, who is described neuropathy in 1868. At that time, people with diabetes did not live very long because that days insulin was unavailable to treat diabetes. And once the insulin was available, diabetes is treatable. And neuropathic arthropathy was recognized in diabetics.

Peripheral Vascular Disease – It is a circulation disorder, which causes blood vessels narrowing of the body parts other than the heart and brain.

NeuropathyIt is diabetes disease. Nerves damage due to diabetes. It occurs numbness, pain, and weakness in hands, arms, legs and feet.

When diabetes is chronic. It is more than duration of 10 years. Chronic diabetic patients having risk of diabetic foot.

When person is on injection insulin.

Retinopathy – It is damaging of retina of the eyes. When patient develop diabetes and it is chronic or person is not taking proper treatment. These patient having the risk of retinopathy.

Nephropathy – It is a damaging of the capillaries of the kidneys’ glomeruli.

When person is more than 45 years of age.

Cerebral Vascular Disease – There is a stopped blood flow either by the blockage or rupture of the blood vessels to the part of the brain.

Suppose person is not following rules and regulations of diabetes. Not following proper treatment, diet and exercise, these patient loss the control on sugar and sugar of the blood is go on increasing.

Coronary Artery Disease – damaging or blockage of the heart blood vessels.

If person is smoker and he is having diabetes, who suffers the neuropathy.

Hypertension – Pressure increases in the blood vessels lead to damaging or rupture of the blood vessels.

Male person are more affected for diabetics.