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Healthcare Management Hospital Mgt.

What Is Healthcare Management

Healthcare management is the process of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling of healthcare resources.

The healthcare manager is concerned with the overall operation of the facility or network and leaves the day to day management of staff to the administrator.

Managerial Activities

The management process is a complex one and, for any hospital to be successful, it should be effective, efficient and economical. Any person who achieves these objectives is an ideal manager.

In order to accomplish this, a number of activities are required to be performed

Firstly – Setting objectives and designing plans, programs, system and procedures.

Secondly – Setting into motion activities to implement the plans which have been designed individually or as a part of the team, like recruitment of manpower, procuring equipment, instruments, materials and supplies, transport etc.

Thirdly – Setting controls, audit and adapt.

To carry out these activities, the ideal manager should be well equipped with the required managerial skills. Managerial skills of healthcare managers and enlisted further down….

  • Continuous effectiveness and optimization of the healthcare facilities, healthcare organizations, educating and assisting people towards self-reliance.
  • Developing an organization of health service, which should be comprehensive in nature and available to all.
  • Making healthcare effective through teamwork, decentralization and optimum development of human resources.

Elements of Management

  • Problem identification – What is to be done?
  • Assessment of resources – i.e. manpower skills, money material,time.
  • Implementation – Organizing, programming, scheduling etc.
  • Monitoring and evaluation – i.e. checking the progress of the programme.

 Managerial Skills in Healthcare Management

Managerial skills can be divided into three categories

Knowledge of subordinate functions – Technical and Administrative

  • The performance of all operative and technical tasks is not a prerequisite for a manager, but he/she should be well versed with all technical specialities under his/her general command, so that, if the need arises, the resources or manpower can be shifted or rescheduled to achieve maximum benefits.
  • A manager should be familiar with the administrative problems of the middle or lower level managers and they newly appointed managers as these may be lurking below the surface. These are the ones which might be responsible for the poor performance of the subordinates.

Interactive skill in Healthcare Management

Interactive skill is a part of interpersonal relationship and hence should not necessary be correlated with technical expertise. Development of interactive skills helps to know how the subordinates will work to their maximum potential and how to get them to coordinate with one another to generate an environment of satisfaction.

Administrative skill in Healthcare Management

The most important area to be measured is administrative skills. Once the work is geared up to planning, organizing, developing, scheduling,  forecasting, controlling and evaluating the following administrative skills will be required….

  • Information Processing
  • Decision making
  • Scheduling
  • Evaluating and Rewarding
  • Development and training
  • Leading and advocating
  • Counselling
  • Co-ordination