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PVD Symptoms, PVD Sign and Symptoms

What are the Sign and Symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease

Peripheral vascular disease is a disease of group of blood vessels, where blood vessels get narrowing because of obstruction. Many people with peripheral vascular disease may not report any sign and symptoms or problems, which is occurs with peripheral vascular disease.

Sign and Symptoms of Peripheral Vascular Disease

peripheral vascula disease sign and symptoms साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

  • Intermittent Claudication means getting muscle pain or cramping in legs or arms. When person is doing some activity that time he feels pain such a walking and it disappears after few minutes of rest. Person are getting pain on the location where arteries got clogged or narrowed. Most common location for pain is calf muscles.
  • Person feels numbness or weakness in limbs.
  • Person extremities get cold, when compare to the other leg.
  • Sometimes person gets wound or sores on their toes, feet or legs, which do not heal after treatment. Person does not get any sensation on ulcers. These sores are pain less. Which is dangerous.
  • In peripheral vascular disease, colour of the legs are getting changed, due to less blood supply and oxygen.
  • There would be the hair loss or sometimes hair growth on your legs and feet.
  • Toenails growth has been reduced. It is slower than the normal growth.
  • Your skin become shiny of legs. Due to diabetes dryness occurs and also loss the hair of the legs and skin become shiny. sometimes it look like rigid also
  • You feel less bounding pulse of feet or sometimes, you do not feel pulse on feet.
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • If peripheral vascular disease progresses, pain get increases even though you are in rest or when you are lying down. Pain disturbed your sleep. Hanging your legs over the edge of the bed and walking around your room may get relive pain on temporarily basis

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