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Safety Factors, Safety Liposuction

What are the Safety Factors of Liposuction

Safety Factors

Determining Safety Factors of liposuction

  • Various areas to be treated
  • Volume of supernatant fat to be removed
  • Percent of body fat to be removed
  • Ratio of body weight to the weight of fat removed
  • Dosage of lidocaine
  • Volume of intravascular fluid infused
  • Duration of surgical procedure

Min’s Policy of liposuction

  • General anesthesia to be avoided
  • To be use Tumescent technique
  • Microcannual to be used
  • Limited area : less than 2-3 areas
  • Limited time : less than 3-4 hours
  • Limited volume : less than 4000ml

Volume Limits

  • Small-volume liposuction : less than 100ml
  • Medium-volume : 100-1500ml
  • Large-volume : 1500-4000ml
  • Extremly large-volume : 4000-7000ml
  • Megaliposuction : more than   7000ml

Outcome and Prognosis

  • The results of Liposuction would be visible immediately after the swelling is gone and it would be improved for the six months after the procedure.
  • Some Liposuction procedures would also have a skin tightening effect.
  • Liposuction is an extremely effective surgical technique that gives excellent results.
  • Patients still could be increased weight after undergoing liposuction, but their shape remains more balanced than before the procedure.
  • In appropriately selected patients,liposuction would be performed by skilled surgeons yields patient satisfaction rates is increase > 90%.

Benefits of  Local Liposuction Surgery


  • Patient goes home within 1-2 hrs after surgery.
  • There is no side effects of General Anaesthesia

Decreased Cost 

  • No hospitalization.
  • Results are visible immediately after surgery. Patient can see himself.
  • Patient loses 2-5 inches after surgery .

Physical and mental benefits

  • By undergoing liposuction surgery, you can make a lot of  and permanent difference to your  body image /life.
  •  Liposuction is the ideal solution to remove excess fat from specific areas of the body, when diet and exercise have failed.
  • It is best & fastest technique for inch loss  or body shaping .

Improved health

  • Even a small weight loss could lower the risk of heart disease and reduce the cholesterol level, and thus improve your health and well being.
    • Improved self image: Your physical appearance has a direct impact on your self esteem. When you are bothered by your appearance, it may hamper your level of self-confidence.
    • Increased clothing options: Liposuction could made you look and feel better. When the fatty bulges are removed, your clothes will fit better and you will feel more comfortable