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Public Relation Tools PR Tools

What are the Public Relation Tools

Public Relation Tools are use to publicity. Public Relations (PR) is one of the functions of the management that involves monitoring and evaluating the public attitude and also maintaining the relationship between management and the public.

Public Relation Tools

Press Releases

They are short documents that have details regarding new launches in the business. A press release must is a one page document consisting of only the most important information about the firm. Press releases help journalists write reports on the latest products and services that are of major help to the public. Organisations and pharmaceutical companies organise healthcare camps periodically to connect with their customers and their clients (doctors). Sometimes this also helps the service provider connects with the patients along with the sponsor with their customers. This is a synergy that benefits the customer/patient in several ways. Press releases serve as an effective medium to pass this message to the masses quickly and effectively.

Press Kits

They are also known as media kits and include a press release with the background information and business card packed in folders. The kits may also include photographs, articles from other publications, customer reviews, product information sheets, and so on.

Tip Sheets and Newsletters

They consist of small tips for the customers that may come in handy sometimes. Newsletters consist of short articles and other information that the audience is interested in. They can be directed at trade customers, business buyers and distributed by e-mails. The information regarding promotions and products and content that is of customer interest is provided in newsletters. Newsletter that are online can be linked with the stores that is selling the products and be received well by the public. Pharmaceutical companies now provide posters along with small leaflets which the patients can take along after their visit to the doctor. These are placed in the in-clinic areas. They provide information in a crisp and simple way, sometimes in multiple languages so that the patient can learn more about their condition and take measures at home. Along with this medical information, patient gets one more subtle message which relates that the particular organisation cares for patient health.

Bylined Articles

Bylined articles are the articles written with the writer’s name on the top or the end of the article. Along with the name, extra information such as phone number, address, or a few sentences about your organisation also can be added.


Awards provide a great image in the society. Firms can apply to compete for local awards and earn recognitions. Example, the frost and Sullivan India healthcare practice team present awards to the firms that display best practices in regional as well as global market.

Online Outreach

Online chat rooms, websites, and other internet based tools can be used to spread awareness about the organisation. Examples, The centre of disease control demonstrated the importance of vaccination in a website called WhyVille.

Special Events

Events that help in creating public awareness, such as contests, public celebration of company’s special events, and client parties. They are designed to reach a narrow target audience such as individuals interested in a particular field. Publicity stunts are also part of special events. They capture media attention and attract a lot of audience. Example, blood donation camps, Mobile healthcare clinics.

Trade Shows and Conferences

Participating in conferences and trade shows relates to an organisation’s business and spreading awareness of the organisation. Example, associations like AIDA research and control centre, Indian association for medical informatics conduct conferences on a yearly basis and holds training programmes as well.


Delivering speeches to community groups, local schools and colleges, or NGOs.

The physician communities are changing the healthcare sectors, by browsing and commenting on social networking sites. Online data tools like Google health, Microsoft;s Healthvault and other sites like offer consumers the facility to manage their health data, share data with other patients and also take up advice and suggestions on ways to manage their health. New tools in recent years that are going to be launched are Sharecare from WedMD and Castlight health that will help consumers and employees do healthcare shopping.