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Transportation of Sick Newborn Shifted of newborn

Transportation Of Sick New Born


Lack of incentive to improve care at other hospitals and decrease in patient’s referrals.


New born babies and children.


Neonatal transport to hospitals in transport vehicles that is equipped to care for them.

Applicable Areas

NICU and Emergency OPD.


Consultant, Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife, Ward Attendant and NICU Registrar.


  • Check the Doctor’s order and keep the following equipments ready –
  • Transport Trolley.
  • O2
  • Intubation Tray.
  • Ambu bag with reservoir tube.
  • Cardiac Monitor.
  • Disinfectants for hand rub.
  • Explain to relatives about transfer.
  • Inform the concerned doctor or sister.
  • Check at the receiving end, if they are ready.
  • Check infant airway temperature and patency of the Cannula.
  • When the patient is ready, document in the Nurse’s notes, the records like C.T. Scan, X-ray, 2D Echo and Pathology report which are being taken along when the child is shifted.
  • Hand over the detail report of the child.
  • Inform the admission department regarding transfer and also explain the same to the relatives of the patient.


Admission and Discharge Register.

Nurses Observation Sheet.