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Transfer shifting to wards

Transfer Patient To Other Wards


Patient who got admitted in casualty for treatment, admits and transfer to wards for further treatment .


To shift patient to other ward as per available of bed.


Transfer of a patient is defined as shifting a patient from one department to another department.

Applicable Areas

 Patient who are came to the casualty for emergency treatment.


Emergency Medical Officer and Staff Nurse and Housekeeping Attendnt.


  • Transfer In-Out

 Admitted Patient becomes critical in the ward shifted to Intensive Care Unit accompanied by Doctor’s assistance and a registered nurse.

  • Referral Patient

If admitted patient becomes critical, for further medication the patient is transferred to other hospital in a Cardiac Ambulance accompanied by Doctor’s assistance.

  • Admission and Discharge

Admission comes through OPD basis or through Emergency OPD and Transfer in from various departments within the Organization.

Regular Discharge, LAMA Discharge and Transfer Out within the organization.


  • Confirm from consultant regarding the admission of patient.
  • Find out from relative the category of bed desired and inform about the bed charges per day.
  • EMO confirms about bed vacancy from billing department and inform about transfer.
  • Instruct to pay deposit in the admission counter.
  • Inform RMO / Sister where the patient is being transferred giving all details and line of treatment.
  • Complete details of general condition in the emergency case paper.
  • Before transferring examine the patient and ensure that the patient is transferred to the desired ward at the earliest and in case bill is to be settled, instruct the relatives for the same.
  • Ensure that the patient is being shifted safely.
  • Replacement of the used surgical items for medication of the patient is taken from the concern department where the patient is shifted. The emergency nurse and the ward nurse must educate the patient related to replacement.


  • Emergency Patient Register.
  • Emergency Case Paper.