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Transfer to outside hospital shifted to other hospital

Transfer Patient To Outside Hospital


Non-availability of beds due to more admission and lack of certain facilities so shifted patient to outside hospital.


Patients requiring more advanced procedures or line of treatment.

Definition-Transfer to Outside Hospital

Shifting a patient from one hospital to another hospital when beds are not available.

Applicable Areas

All In-Patient Departments.


Casualty Medical Officer and Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Housekeeping Attendant.


  • Confirm from the Consultant about the transfer.
  • Instruct relatives about the transfer to be made.
  • Examine thoroughly. Keep all records ready.
  • Casualty Medical Officer informs history of the patient to concern doctor in other hospital by phone.
  • Casualty Medical Officer drafts letter to the concerned doctor, the details of the patient’s condition, the line of treatment given, etc.
  • Explains the patient’s relative related to procedure of transferring and letter.
  • Handover draft letter to the Patient relative
  • Assist relatives to arrange for Ambulance / Cardiac Ambulance.
  • Arrange to send Doctor / Nurse while transferring the patient to other hospital, in emergency cases (Cardiac Ambulance).
  • Transfer the patient to other hospital for further treatment.


  • Emergency Case paper.
  • Emergency Patient Register