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Tips for mother of newborn babies

Tips For Mother Of Newborn Babies

  • Breast milk is the best for your newborn babies; please breast feed your newborn babies till two years.
  • Do not give sugar water, honey, Janamghuti, balkadu, jadibuti etc..
  • Do not put oil in to babies’ ear or nose.
  • Do not apply kajal in babies eyes, Do not give smoke bath [Dhuri] to baby.
  • Do not apply turmeric, milk cream or besan [gram flour] to the baby.
  • Do not squeeze babies beast to remove milk.
  • If baby vomits, turn the baby to one side, clean baby’s mouth and nose with a clean cloth.
  • Mother should eat very well to get more breast milk.
  • Please do not allow persons suffering from cold-cough to enter mother and babies room.
  • Mother should not kiss the baby if she has cold, cough and fever.
  • Mother should continue taking Iron and Calcium tablets for one Months after delivery.

For working mothers of Newborn Babies

  • To start outside milk or top feeds 4 to 5 days before joining the work [Not one month in advance]: before leaving, Breast feed the baby and removes excess milk in an air tight container. This can be stored for 6 to 8 hours at room temperature. This milk can be fed to baby with a spoon; after coming back from the work continue breast feeding. Try to get as much leave as possible for breast feeding.
  • After birth, the newborn baby looses weight [5% to 10%], from 10th to 15th day the baby starts gaining weight. Weight gain is faster in 1st 6 months [20 to 30 gms per day] and little slower in latter half of the 1st year [10 to 15 gms per day]. In 2nd year weight gain is further slow [2nd year, a child gains around 2 kegs.]
  • If required, please give out side milk with a spoon. Bottle feeding is associated with risk of infection to the baby.
  • Please continue breast feeding the baby during loose motions.