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Skin Care Tips in Winter for Men & Women

  • You will get your skin smooth, soft and glowing in winter. Winter is warm season, if you are follow certain tips. Everybody knows, when winter is going to start. You have to use skin care  tips with using home remedies and different types of moisturizer, whichever suitable for your skin. Few tips has given below….
  • You need to modify your diet, diet which full of fruits and fruit juices in your diet. You have to add more fruits which is more with vitamin E. Vitamin E is nourishes your skin.
  • Apply any moisturizer, which is suitable for your skin or you can apply petroleum jelly on your face, hands and legs.
  • In winter, taking bath is a very warm activity. But you do not take hot water for bathing. The hot water takes out the moisture from the skin. Your skin becomes dry. Avoid taking hot and longer bath in winter season. You can use lukewarm water.
  • In winter, first affected area of your body is lips. Your lips would be chapped due to cold weather. You can apply petroleum jelly or any other lip liner which available in the market. If dead skin present on the lips you can scrub your lips with lip scrubber.
  • Dry skin is the major problem, which faced by all people. You can use natural moisturizer for your skin, which help you to keep your skin soft.
  • Try to wear clothes that covers your whole body. Do not expose the skin in cold dry air, which choose moisture for moisturize skin in winter, you can use natural product such as, buttermilk, oils, glycerine, milk etc. avoid to use chemical based moisturizers.
  • Try to add food, which rich vitamin A and vitamin E.
  • Hydrate your skin more. In winter you are able to drink more water. You can drink lukewarm water. Add more fruit juices for hydration.