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Physical Activity at Workplace for Diabetes People

Role of the exercise / physical activity is very much important in diabetes people, with the diet plan people has to follow the exercise plan. People who are working and also with the diabetes, they have to do exercise.

People who are doing clerical job, they are facing difficulties to do exercises on daily basis. People should understand why exercises is important on daily basis. They must do it exercises at workplace also. In day to day routine work you have to modify your work in exercises.

Diabetic people must keep watch on their blood sugar. Exercises helps to lower the blood sugar level, more significantly post meal glucose or sugar level up to 3 hours.

While doing physical activity, it helps to increase peripheral utilization of glucose by increasing the numbers of insulin receptors in the body. Active circulation help control the progression of the disease and development of the further complications.

Exercises or physical activities helps to reduce the amount of anti-diabetic medications and insulin. Exercises helps to strengthen the muscles. Muscle contractions helps to clear blood sugar.

People who are having diabetes are more prone to decrease physical activity because of easy fatigue, foot problems, joint pain etc. person who is having like these problem may suffer for obesity and also chances of more risk of heart and cerebrovascular problems. For reduce the risk of complication in diabetes, person must to do simple walking exercise for 30 – 45 minutes in a day.

Diabetes people are more prone to get nerve damage. Person more suffers to neuropathy. Physical activity helps to control peripheral neuropathy by control slowing down the rate of nerve damage.

Regular walking also improves the cognitive function too and it helps in mood elevation and reduction of stress in these patients.