Friday , May 24 2019

Care Of A Child On Ventilator

Ventilator Care Artificial Ventilation

Purpose To artificially support the baby. To get the respiratory system normal and to prevent ventilator associate pneumonia and any infection. Scope Child who are on mechanical ventilator. Definition-Ventilator To take care of the child …

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Assisting For Lumber Puncture of Child

Lumber Puncture LP Tapping

Purpose To perform diagnostic studies. Scope Diagnostic purpose. Definition Lumber puncture is the insertion of a needle into the lumbar subarachnoid space to withdraw cerebrospinal fluid. Applicable Areas NICU Responsibility Head Nurse, Staff Nurse, Auxillary …

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Assisting For Insertion Of ICD To Child

ICD Tubing Chest tubing

Purpose To remove air and fluid from pleural cavity and aspirate plural fluid for diagnostic studies. Scope Children who are suffering from infection of pleura. Definition Insertion of a needle into the pleural space to …

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Assisting For ABG Collection Of Child

ABG Collection Blood Gas Analysis

Purpose For accurate assessment of acid-base status and for assessing degree of oxygenation of blood and adequacy of alveolar ventilation. Scope Child who are in hypoxic condition. Definition Assisting for collection of blood sample from …

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Abdominal Examination Palpation

Purpose To confirm pregnancy. To assess fetal size and growth. To identify the location of fetal parts. To detect any deviation from normal. Scope Pregnant mothers. Definition Examination of a pregnant woman to determine the …

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CPR Chest compression

Purpose To provide oxygen to the brain, heart and vital organs until appropriate definitive medical treatment (advanced cardiac life support) can restore normal heart and ventilator function. Scope Patient who are in Cardiac arrest and …

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Ambu Bagging

Ambu Bagging Artificial Ventilation

Purpose To ventilate apneic or spontaneously breathing patients to augment ventilation. To deliver supplemental oxygen. To prevent hypoxia. Scope Patients who are in critical condition or not responding. Definition A flexible reservoir bag connected by …

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Oxygen Administration For Patient

Oxygen administration Oxygen inhalation

Purpose To relieve shortness of breath and to administer higher concentration of oxygen. Scope Breathless patients. Definition Administering oxygen to the patient by means of a mask, nasal prong and oxygen tent according to requirement …

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