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Oxygen administration Oxygen inhalation

Oxygen Administration For Patient


To relieve shortness of breath and to administer higher concentration of oxygen.


Breathless patients.


Administering oxygen to the patient by means of a mask, nasal prong and oxygen tent according to requirement of patient.

Applicable Areas

All patient who are breathless and visited, admitted in Wards.


Staff Nurse, ANM, Head Nurse, ICU Registrar and Intensivist. .


  • Explain the procedure to the patient.
  • Select appropriate Oxygen delivery system depending on the patient’s current oxygenation status that is by obtaining an arterial blood gas.
  • Connect the Oxygen delivery system.
  • Turn on the Oxygen.
  • Set the flow rate at the prescribed liters / minute.
  • Record the flow rate and immediate patient’s response.
  • Periodically assess patient’s condition by pulse Oxymetry .

Points To Remember

  • Nasal Cannula
  • Provides 35-40% oxygen,  oxygen flow rate should be 2-6 liters / minute.
  • Ensure nostrils are clean.
  • Position the cannula tips in the patient’s nose so that it fits comfortably.
  • Secure the cannula from behind the ears and fasten it below the chin.
  • Inspect nostrils and cannula and clean whenever necessary.
  • Masks
  • Plain Mask – provides an O2 concentration of 35-40% flow rate of 6-10 liters / minute.
  • Venturi Mask – provides an O2 Flow rate is adjusted as per percentage set.
  • Place the mask over the patient’s nose and mouth and under the chin so that it fits the patient’s face.
  • Adjust the elastic strap around the patients head and position the strap below the ear and around the neck.
  • T-Piece

It provides O2 concentration and is connected to a tracheostomy or ET Tube and has color coded adaptors for different O2 concentration.

Requirements / Equipments

  • Oxygen Source – O2 Cylinder or Central O2
  • Flow Meter.
  • Disposable connecting tubing.
  • Various O2 delivery systems. Nasal Cannula, Plain Mask and High Concentration Mask.


  • I.C.U. Flow Chart
  • Nurses Observation Sheet