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Nasogastric Tube Feeding Ryles Tube Feeding

Nasogastric Tube Feeding To The Baby

Purpose-Nasogastric Tube Feeding

To provide adequate nourishment to patients who cannot feed themselves.


Pre-term baby, Underweight baby and ill baby.


Nasogastric Tube Feeding is for infants and children by a tube passed through either the nares or the mouth.

Applicable Areas

NICU, Gyneac and Obstetric Department.


Staff Nurse,  Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Head Nurse.


  • Keep the following items ready in a tray –
  • Sterile Infant Feeding Tube of appropriate size.
  • Water in small bowl (steel wati).
  • Disposable Syringe 5 ml.
  • Kidney Tray.
  • Feeding Formula.
  • Sterile Gauze.
  • Disinfectant for hand hygiene.
  • Check Doctor’s order.
  • Infants to be wrapped. To restrict their movement and propped up position to be given by placing baby sheet under head and neck or incase of a child use a pillow.
  • Wash hands and open infant feeding tube (Ryle’s Tube) the proximal end should be held with sterile gauze and then measure the length of the tube from the bridge of the nose to the ear lobe plus and from ear lobe to tip of the xiphoid process of the sternum.
  • Held the tube coil in right hand and introduce in the nostril pass the tube through backward and onwards position.
  • Check the placement of the tube in the stomach.
  • Aspirate for gastric contents with syringe.
  • Place the end of the tube with syringe barrel into a bowl of water and check for any air bubbles.
  • At the proximal end of the tube attach a syringe filled with 3 cc of air then place stethoscope over the abdomen gently push the air and at the same time hear the gurgling sound. It indicates that the tube is in place.
  • Secure the tube with a tape on the nose and label it with the date.
  • Place a small towel or a bib around the neck to prevent any soiling of linen.
  • Fill the barrel with the required amount of feed.
  • Allow the feed to go slowly by gravity force taking care that air does not enter into the tube.
  • After the feed, pour small amount of water to clear the infant tube.
  • Remove the syringe; close the tip of the infant tube with the spigot.
  • Keep the child in right position.
  • Segregate generated Bio-Medical Waste as per HIC policy.
  • The time, amount and type of feed given and whether the child tolerated the feed or not.


  • Nurse’s Observation Sheet.
  • NICU Drug Chart.