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Kitchen Equipment, Utensil

Kitchen Equipment is used in Home Kitchen

Equipment along with utensils would be used in the home kitchen is called as kitchen equipment.

Kitchen Equipment

  • Kitchen scales for weighing
  • The following equipment should be available for preparation of diets,
  • Kitchen scales for weighing
  • Measuring cup, litre measures
  • Mixing bowls, 2 sizes
  • Strainers (Metal and Wire) or a clean piece of gauze or muslin
  • Knives, various sizes
    • Vegetable knife
    • Chopping knife
    • Kitchen knife
    • Bread knife
  • Spoons, various sizes
    • Tablespoons
    • Desserts spoons
    • Teaspoons
    • Set of standard measuring spoons
    • Wooden spoons, 2 sizes
    • Fork
  • Egg whisk or beater
  • Lemon squeezer
  • Grater
  • Wooden board for chopping and rolling
  • Rolling pin
  • Saucepans, various sizes, including double saucepan or double boiler and steamer
  • Meat mincer or grinder
  • The additional minimum equipment for cleaning and handling utensils and stoves would be..
  • Thick padded cloth for handling hot pans
  • Towel for drying dishes
  • Dish cloth
  • Mop or floor cloth
  • Souring brush or coconut fibre
  • Refuse bin or drum with lid.

Instructions for Measuring

  • In order to get the best results it is essential to measure accurately all the ingredients, or substances, which go into any food prepared.
  • All measurements in recipes are level. Dry substances in a cup or spoon should be levelled off with the straight edge of a knife.
  • Solid fats should be packed into the cup or spoon and levelled off with a knife. If part of a cup of fat is desired, such as ½ cup, partly fill the cup with water leaving room for the desire amount of fat, in this case fill with ¾ cup of cold water and add enough fat to fill the cup. Then pour off all the water.
  • All teaspoons are not standard size, nor are all tablespoons. It is more accurate, therefore, to have standard measuring spoons or to compare measurements of available spoons with standard size, as for example, comparing with measurements in marked medicine glass. If a half teaspoon measure is required, fill teaspoon, level off, and cut in half lengthwise, removing one half.