Monday , March 25 2019
JD f Ward Clerk Job Responsibility


Position Overview

A Ward Clerk is a person who provides general administrative, clerical, and support services for a clinical unit like a medical or surgical ward, an intensive care unit, or an emergency department.

Ward Clerk is an exciting position and requires a lot of human interaction. The position essentially performs the prescribed duties of a general clerk, but within a medical setting.

There is no standard training for Ward Clerks, but the basic skills required include typing; computer literacy; knowledge of medical terminology; filing; customer service; and knowledge of scheduling, registration, and admission procedures. Many will have taken technical courses.

Job responsibilities

  • When a patient first arrives at a clinical unit, the Ward Clerk receives his or her medical records and begins the process of entering patient information into order sheets, medication records, laboratory requests, and other components necessary to ensure the safety and accuracy of the patient’s management.
  • To ensure that medical records, laboratory reports, radiological images, and other related patient records are properly completed and securely stored but readily available to physicians, nurses, and other health care providers.
  • Set up records for new patients; transcribe physicians’ orders from patient records; and copy information such as temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure onto patients’ medical records.
  • They prepare requisition forms for laboratory tests, therapy, drugs, and supplies for their unit.
  • Sends unreported diagnostic investigation eg:  CT Scan and 2 D echo for printing of  the concerned Department after making entry in reporting book
  • They record patient diagnoses on the appropriate medical forms, arrange for the transfer of patients within the unit or to other units, process patient discharge forms for the business office, and may compile the daily census of patients.
  • Ward Clerks answer telephones and direct calls to medical staff and patients and relay messages as appropriate
  • Attending Ward Clerk meetings and reading relevant correspondence to maintain knowledge of new procedures, guidelines and standards relating to Ward Clerk practices
  • To collaborate with nursing staff and promote excellent customer service, which delivers prompt and efficient response to customer.
  • Communicate effectively and promote a supportive team approach within the ward to ensure good working relationship
  • Maintain medical records including file reports and ensure adequate supply patient labels
  • Photocopy, collate and finish documents and reports, filing as required.
  • Establish a system for and maintain adequate supplies of stationary and stores supplies.
  • Where appropriate, respond to all relevant correspondence and requests for information.
  • Ensure timely communication of information
  • Checks with CSSD – sending and receiving the items.
  • Assists the Head Nurse in inventory and record keeping, Linen & Stationery.
  • Takes admission of patient including handing over the valuables to the relatives.
  • Prepares monthly census report. Checks all the admission and discharges, transfer-in ,transfer-out, entry of death in Admission / Discharge Register and computer statement.
  • Update the doctor racks before round timing
  • Manage the computerized patient database
  • Assist nursing staff in patient education
  • Notify nurses regarding orders and monitor the fulfillment of same
  • Adhere to general hospital safety policy and principles
  • Work collaboratively with the team of physicians and nurses to deliver quality patient care
  • Replenish the stock of ward supplies by forwarding timely requisition forms
  • Answer patient and patients’ families queries regarding admission, registration and discharge protocols
  • Transcribe medical orders as and when needed
  • Answer telephone calls and direct the same to relevant medical staff or relay messages
  • Report any issue of concern in the ward to the head nurse directly