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Human Resource Management HRM

Importance Of Human Resource Management In Healthcare Organizations

Human Resource Management

Human resource management can be defined as the total understanding, creative abilities, talents and capacities of an organisation’s workforce. It also includes the principles, attitudes, styles, and views of the individuals involved in the affairs of the organisation.

 Importance Of Human Resource Management

For the employees

  • Improving the morale of the employees by providing opportunities for personal development and job satisfaction.
  • Improving work life of employees by taking various welfare measures
  • Enhancing dignity of labour by treating the employees as human beings and by proper participation of the employees in management processes.

For the society

  • Increasing productivity by encouraging employee participation and motivating them.
  • Maintaining good work environment by avoiding loss due to strikes and lockouts in the organisation.
  • Preserving adequate manpower supply by varied manpower planning procedures and training policies.
  • Utilising human resources by way of proper recruitment, selection, placement, and training.

For the organisation

  • Developing skills and attitudes among employees with the help of training, workshops, and performance appraisals.
  • Evolving a good work environment by treating the employees as humans and thus reducing the loss due to strikes and lockouts.
  • Providing adequate manpower supply by way of policies such as recruitment, selection, placement, training, and promotion.
  • Preserving high morale among the employees by incentives, participation of workers in management process, proper grievance handling, and redressal procedures.

Strategic Role of HRM in Healthcare

The strategic role of HRM is related to the organisational use of employees to gain a competitive advantage against competitors. The process of strategic HRM involves aligning initiatives regarding how people are managed with organisational mission and objectives. In healthcare organisations, highly trained and dedicated employees are often the competitive key for the organisations as they contribute in building the repute of the organisation.

The strategic human resource management process includes the following

  • Determining what needs to be done to accomplish corporate objectives, often over 3 to 5 years.
  • Inspecting the organisation and competitive environment.
  • Forming optimal strategies between organisation and its environment.
  • Reviewing and revising the strategic plan for the organisation

Ideally, HR and top management work together to formulate the organisation’s overall strategy Therefore, in the healthcare industry, HR Strategy should be formulated in such a way that the employees project the required sensitivity to each situation and at the same time maintains professionalism and ethics.