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Human Relations Employee Relations

Importance Of Human Relations In Healthcare Services.

Human Relations in Healthcare Services

Human relations have become a major requirement for the success of an organisation especially for healthcare organisation. Healthy employee relations can enhance patient care and service level. Employee relation can help employees achieve good cooperation among them, hone new skills, efficient skill utilization and many constructive changes to organisation and to individuals.

Certain points required to manage employee relations are given below

  • All employees must be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Criticism should be constructive and productive.
  • Honesty should always be promoted and appreciated within the individuals.
  • Work based on cooperation and cohesiveness rather than authoritativeness.
  • Powerful interaction can enhance the relation.
  • Unity within the team should always be promoted by managers so as to improve the employee relation. This will definitely prove a manager as an efficient leader 

Importance of Human Relations in Healthcare Services

While analyzing global healthcare systems, it is helpful and essential to explore the impact of human relations on healthcare services. The functions of human relation in healthcare organisations are concerned with the integration of people into a work situation.

Some knowledge of basic necessity and human behaviour is necessary to understand the behaviour of employees in the organisation. Providing the basic needs to employees should be the primary task of human resource managers and healthcare administrators. This can help the management to maintain cooperation and peace within the employees in the organisation.

The Human Resource (HR) Manager should be an integral part of an organisation‟s administration team. He should be capable to motivate employees to achieve their goal. This is a significant and complex responsibility of the HR manager.

Providing a high quality healthcare service to patients is a requirement of any healthcare organisation. An often ignored fact is that, work force also plays a vital role for the development of efficient patient care, not just modern medical equipment and drugs. The workforce includes whole group of well motivated, rewarded, unskilled, skilled and para-medical employees. To make a team of these focused employees is not a co-incidence but the result of sound administration and cordial human relations.