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HRM in health care system

Importance of HR Management in Healthcare Organization

Human resources are essential element of health care delivery system, and an important organizational asset. Developing human resource management system to achieve the universal health coverage in the country is an important recommendation given by the High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) constituted by the Planning Commission of India

The inputs for human resource management come from systematic methodology adopted in anthropology, sociology, psychology, economics and political science. Human resource management in healthcare organization can be considered as a combination of all the above. As healthcare involves a great responsibility towards the society. Human resource managers would have to develop their own sense of responsibility.

Human resource management in healthcare organization has its own standards. The standards are set by the International Health Organization, and include ethical standards, behavioral standards and performance standards. The world today recognizes human resource management in healthcare as a profession similar to other professions in the healthcare industry.

The distinctive qualities or trait of human resource management in healthcare is below….

  • Always maintain professional ethics.
  • Consistently meet the standards of performance and follow the standard procedure.
  • Human resource management personnel undergo an intense and expert training which make them develop excellent skills. Sharing of the information is done at all levels.
  • Personal responsibility, liability and accountability are the qualities that all the employees have.
  • A commitment towards the profession is made by all its members.

Importance of human factor is the only alive resource in the accomplishment of organizational goals. The importance of human resource management can also be judged from the following viewpoints…

For the employees

  • Improving the morale of the employees by providing opportunities for personal development and job satisfaction.
  • Improve work life of employees by taking various welfare measures.
  • Enhancing dignity of labour by treating the employees as human beings and by proper participation of the employees in management processes.

For the society

  • Increase productivity by encouraging employee participation and motivating them.
  • Maintaining good work environment by avoiding loss due to strikes and lockouts in the organisations.
  • Preserving adequate manpower supply by varied manpower planning procedures and training policies.
  • Utilizing human resources by way of proper recruitment, selection, placement and training.

For the organization

  • Developing skills and attitudes among employees with the help of training, workshops and performance appraisals.
  • Evolving a good work environment by treating the employees, ha human and thus reducing the loss due to strikes and lockouts.
  • Providing adequate manpower supply by way of policies such as recruitment, selection, placement, training and promotion.
  • Preserving high morale among the employees by incentives, participation of workers in management process, proper grievance handling, and redressal procedures.