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Manpower Planning, Planning of Manpower

How we can do the Manpower Planning

According to Beach, “ Manpower planning is the process of determining and assuring that the organisation will have an adequate number of qualified personnel, available at the proper times, performing jobs which meet the needs of enterprise and which provide satisfaction for the individuals involved”.

Steps in Manpower Planning

  • Analysing the current manpower inventory.
  • Making future manpower forecasts.
  • Resource management plan which includes:
    • Job analysis.
    • Recruitment and selection plan.
    • Training and placement plans.

Analysing the current manpower inventory

Analysis of the present personnel strength, has the base for planning of manpower . It facilitates in developing the management, finding out the training requirements and utilization of resources to be made maximum wherever they are required the most. The human resource manager analyses the status in the healthcare organization of manpower resources to be existed before making an estimate of future requirements. Finally, analyzing the present resources determines the accurate number of personnel and the skills required.

Making future manpower forecasts

The manpower anticipation is to be needed usually consists of taking a list of the existing resources and comparing them with the estimated requirements to determine the capability, in terms of quality. This estimation is to be made each year for the next five years. Its goal is to make a decision on the number of resources required on account of any reason such as resignations, promotion of resources to higher positions, retirements, dismissals etc.

Resource management plan

Manpower planning involves examining the job requirements and formulating the job description

Job analysis

Job analysis is a scientific and effective examination of the job in order to find out the aspects and nature of the job, skills, knowledge and expertise necessary to successfully perform the job.

Recruitment and selection plan

Arranging the required manpower is called as recruitment. The main objective of recruitment is to attract potential employees with the pre-requisite skills for the job.

Selection means making a final choice out of the available candidates. Whenever an organization wants to employ suitable candidates it recruits them in order to fill the vacancy.

Training and placement plans

Many organisations arrange training for their existing employees in order to make them capable for promotion.

Suitable candidate for the healthcare organisation. These are consultants or the firms which have the business of managing potential job seekers. They are called the placement service organisations