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How to Use Diabetes Management Tools / Equipment

Diabetes has a significant impact on the professional life of a person as it may lead to work loss due to absenteeism and health related work limitations at the workplace. Person should use tools which helps us to keep update knowledge related to blood sugar and he can treat with medications / Insulin as per the reading.

There are various tools which individual can use for his day to day life.


glucometer साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Glucometer also known as the Blood Glucose Monitor or Blood Sugar Monitor. Diabetic person should make understand, how to use this glucometer. People should be demonstrate the using technique of glucometer with the company person or from the dealer. Demonstration of blood glucose monitor helps individual to interpret the result of blood glucose to lead a better life. As per blood glucose reading or report. Person can be adjust his insulin dose.

Insulin Pump

insulin pump साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Insulin pump help to keep glycaemic control. Pump makes lives more flexible than injection therapies. Insulin pump is work as per the pancreas, as pancreas secretes insulin as per that pump releases the insulin into the body round the clock. The insulin pump is attached to the body continuously. Person has to adjust the pump on auto mode which helps individual to maintain normal blood sugar. This is a higher standard in diabetes management.

Insulin Pen device

insulInsulin Pen device साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Insulin pen device, which diabetic person can use for self-administration of insulin in the body. Diabetic person has to take insulin if doctors advise it’s mandatory. People are scared for taking insulin. They have to take training with diabetes educator or their doctor, how to take insulin. Insulin pen is very easy to use. It has very small needle. Only you have to adjust the dose of insulin by rolling the back side of the pen. Pinch the skin of the abdomen and slowly inject the needle. Push the back side top of the pen and then take out the needle.


संबंधित प्रतिमा

The importance of exercise as a part of mainstream therapy for diabetes. Exercise helps people to control the sugar from the blood. Person has to do voluntarily exercises. People are busy in there day to day work so they are not able to adjust their time for exercise. In this condition, they have to adjust their routine life in terms of exercise.

  • When you are on work modify your day to day activities. Instead of lift you can use staircase for ups and down.
  • For short distance avoid using vehicle for journey, make walking habits.
  • For office employees who are having continuous sitting job, they can take short break and take a 5 minutes’ walk after every 90 minutes.

Diabetic management requires multidisciplinary approach. Individual has to bear equal responsibility of controlling his/her blood glucose level and other associated risks. An individual live with diabetes for his/her entire life and he/she cannot rely on healthcare providers to manage his/her diabetes on a day-to-day basis.