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How to Take Care of Hair in Summer

Everyone likes healthy, thick hair. The humidity level increases in the summer season. In India, the humidity level is increased, which damage the hair. Though, it is a great time to be outdoors. You require extra care of hair in summer. Here you can follow some techniques, which keep your hair healthy.

  • When you are out always trying to cover your hair with the scarf or a hat during the summer season. This protects your hair from harmful ultra violet rays.
  • In summer, do not tie hair very tight. Keep hairstyle loose, which helps to evaporation of sweat.
  •  Use wide-tooth-comb instead of the brush. Avoid pulling hair when it is wet. There would be chances of damaging the hair.
  • Always use coconut/olive/avocado oil and massage your hair. Oil penetrating into the hair shaft. Before washing always massage the scalp and then wash it on next day, which gives soft, silky hair. And also it would be healthy.
  • Avoid too much-washing hair during the summer season. It reduces the essential moisture from the scalp and hair becomes dry.
  • Do not use harsh shampoo for your hair, which dries and rough your hair.
  • In summer it very important to maintain conditioning of your hair. For conditioning, you can try some tips. Take apple cider vinegar, dilute in water for a quick natural conditioner. You can take some coconut oil or shea butter to smooth, moisturize hair after washing. The oil gives shine to your hair.
  • Do not skip the conditioning. At least once in a week, you have to condition the hair.
  • If you want to trim hair, trim in summer season because split ends forming is higher in summer.
  • Try to dry hair with air drying. Avoid using a blow dryer, which makes your hair frizz up.
  • When you go to the resort, always cover your hair or wet your hair before entering the water because it less absorbs the chlorine in the chlorine.
  • You have to take care of from the pollution. Surrounding dust, dirt damage your hair. Always cover hair with scarf or cap.
  • Summer makes your hair scalp sweaty. Sweat also is a waste product of the body. Always keep hair loose. And wash whenever require.
  • Hair growth requires protein. For protein, you have to take balanced diet. A healthy diet would be added a sheen to your hair.