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Self Examine Breast Palpation of breast

How To Self Examine Breast In Woman


  • To detect abnormalities in breast.
  • To teach a women how to perform self-examination breast.
  • To list warning signs of breast cancer to be reported the care given.
  • To incorporate monthly Self Examine Breast into personal routine.

Definition-Self Examine Breast

Breast self Examine Breast (BSE) is a screening method used in an attempt to detect early breast cancer.

Applicable Areas

Gyneac & Obstetric Department and NICU.


Consultant, Medical Officer, Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Head Nurse.




  • Stand in front of a mirror that is large enough for you to see your breast clearly.
  • Check each breast for anything unusual, check the skin for puckering, dimpling or redness, any changes in the skin, nipple or any nipples discharge.
  • While watching closely in the mirror, place your hands behind your head and press your hands forward.
  • Secondly, press your hands firmly on your hips and bend slightly towards the mirror as you pull your shoulders and elbows forward.
  • Gently squeeze each nipple and look for a discharge.
  • Raise one arm use the pads of the fingers of your other hand to check the breast and the surrounding area firmly. Some women like to use lotion or powder to help their fingers glide easily over the skin – feel for any unusual lump or mass under the skin. Some women also repeat the above step in the shower.  Fingers easily glide over the soapy skin so one can concentrate on the feeling for the changes under the skin.
  • Feel the tissue depressing your fingers in small, over lapping areas about the size of a dime. Should cover whole breast.

Lines –

  • Start in the underarm and move your fingers downward little by little until they are below the breast then move fingers slightly towards the middle and slowly move back up.

Circle –

  • Beginning at the outer edge of your breast, move your fingers slowly around the breast in a circle motion smaller and smaller towards nipple.
  • It is important to repeat steps while you are lying down. Lie flat on your back with one arm over your head and a pillow under the opposite shoulder.  Check each breast carefully using one of the patterns.