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Promote Public Relations PR Promotion

How to Promote Public Relations

What is Public Relation

Public relations includes ongoing activities to ensure the overall organization has a strong public image. Public relations activities include helping the public to understand the organization and its products. Often, promote public relations are conducted through the media, that is, newspapers, television, magazines, etc. As noted above, public relations is often considered as one of the primary activities included in promotions.

Public relations is to inform public about the positive things the firm is involved in. This helps improve the company’s overall brand value and public image. Consumers depend on brand reputation to decide hospitals at which they receive treatments. Hospitals which use public relations promotion tools like community services gain positive brand reputation.

What is Promotion

Promotion keeps the service in the minds of the customer and helps stimulate demand for the service. Promotion involves ongoing advertising and publicity (mention in the press). The ongoing activities of advertising, sales and public relations are often considered aspects of promotions.

How to Promote Public Relations

There are a number of activities that an organisation can positively do to build public relation. Few of them are described below

  • A firm can contribute either time or money to a charitable cause or they can arrange charity events to raise fund for particular reasons. The hospital can arrange events like blood donation camps, free eye checkups and so on. Example, recently Apollo hospitals organised blood donation camp, first aid and basic life support training programs.
  • The firms can have a representative speak at healthcare conferences or give seminars. The speaker can answer all the firm related queries and also announce the future plans of the firm that will be implemented and get a glimpse of the impact of those developments.
  • Another option is the press release. The public relations personnel must write a press release in such a way that it reaches the public and creates a positive impact. And the public is aware of the developments in the firm. Press releases are much cheaper when compared to other forms of advertising.
  • The pharmacy companies can get shelf space through doctors to promote their products. As people value doctor’s advice more than the commercial advertisements.