Friday , May 24 2019
Baby Bath Baby Sponge

How to Give Baby Bath


Bonding is a major way the little one and her adoring parents should get to know each other through the gentle touching and stroking that occurs at baby bath time.


New Born babies.

Definition-Baby Bath

Baby Bath is Cleaning of the baby for the purposes of relaxation, cleanliness and healing.

Applicable Areas

Gyneac and Obstetric Department.


Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Head Nurse.


  • Check the weight before starting bath and record it.
  • Keep the following articles ready at the labor room.
  • One tub containing warm water.
  • Baby soap
  • Baby clothes From the
  • Cloth to wrap the child          mother
  • 2 big and small Towels to wipe the baby
  • Undress the clothes of the child.
  • Place the child on a towel securely.
  • Wipe the face and eyes of the child with warm plain water and pat it dry with towel.
  • Hold the head of the baby over the bathtub. Close both the ears with thumb and finger, keeping the head lower than the body.
  • Pour water on head to wet hair and then apply soap, taking care that the soap does not enter in the eyes.
  • Wash the hair with water and immediately receive it in the towel. Dry the hair immediately.
  • Wet the body with water.
  • Lather your hands with soap and apply soap to the body from neck to the toes in circular motion.
  • Again hold the baby in such a way that the ears are closed and immerse the body in tub of water.
  • Remove all soap from the body, turn the baby to expose the back and wash the back with soap and water.
  • Receive baby in towel and pat dry, giving special attention to the fold of the skin, umbilical cord and genitalia.
  • If excessive vaginal discharge is noted in female babies, wipe it gently with wet cotton swab.
  • Dress the baby, wrap it in baby sheet and comb the hair neatly.