Friday , April 19 2019
New Born Care Baby Care

How to do New Born Care

Purpose of New Born Care

  • Assess and evaluate the new born as he / she transitions from intrauterine life to extra uterine life.
  • Evaluate and monitor the newborn system-by-system for normal versus abnormal functioning, providing maintenance of normal and potential treatment of abnormal findings.
  • Foster bonding between infant and parent(s).
  • Provide a safe environment at all times.

Definition-New Born Care

New Born care refers to that care given to the new born infant from the time of delivery through about the first month of life.  The term “Neonate” is used for the newborn infant during this 28-30 days period.


  • Ensure that the baby is always kept with the mother on the same bed.
  • Encourage and supervise mother during breast-feeding of the child.
  • Encourage mother to wrap the baby in soft, clean preferably white clothes.
  • Discourage any pins / hooks / buttons / ties on the child’s clothes.
  • Encourage using cotton napkins instead of disposable napkins.
  • Give regular baby bath preferably at 6:00 a.m. in the morning.
  • Observe the buttocks for any redness or rashes. If present keep the child in prone position and apply ointment as ordered.
  • Observe the umbilical cord for any signs of inflammation. It should be kept open to dry.
  • Check daily weight and vital signs after every 8 hours. Record in clinical record sheet.
  • Observe for passage of urine and stool at least for the first time.
  • Observe the colour of stool to determine the adequacy of breast milk.
  • Observe for any signs of physiological jaundice. In case of abnormality inform the pediatrician.