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How to Apply Pencil Eye Liner-5 Steps

You can choose an eyeliner which you like e.g., liquid eye liner, pencil eye liner and gel eye liner. You can put the eyeliner from one corner to other corner.

Step – 1. Preparation of Eye Pencil Liner

eyeliner pencil साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Pencil eyeliner requires some kind of temperature to draws is smoothly. Before using liner pencil be ensure it works smoothly. If you are feeling hard or difficult to draw, you need to warm up the liner pencil and when it is feel soft then cool it down till it can be easily drawn on the eyes.

For warm up the liner pencil, hold the pencil on flame for a few second. This will help to soften your pencil. It given consisting in drawing the line on your eye. After warming it feel like gel to use. Test the line pencil on your hand before applying on the eyes.

Wait till cool down the liner and then apply on the eyes, it prevent to crumbling the eyeliner. It looks smashed.

Step-2. Holding of Outer Corner of the Eyelid


When you are going apply eyeliner, first you have to hold eyelid and then you can apply the eyeliner. You should place your finger on the upper outer edge of lash line and pull it outward gently. It would be helped to taut your eyelid.  Taut eyelid helps you to create straight line on your eye lash line. Also you have to close your eye when you are put eyeliner. Eyebrows to be raised so it won’t be come in between eyeliner which create a straight line. This will help to keep your elbow in straight position without bending.

Step – 3. Starting at Inner Corner

संबंधित प्रतिमा

Now you can start to draw line with pencil liner from inner corner of eyelid and it moves towards the outer edge of eyelid. For drawing line, you create short strokes and then go straight slowly.

For making your eyes bigger and more open wide, apply lighter colour liner on the inner corner of the eye and brown colour liner on the outer corners of the eye.

Step – 4. Tight Lining for a Natural Look

pencil eyeliner upper lashes साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

At the time of making lines of liner on your eye, May have tight lining to your eye. This helps to apply eyeliner straight and firm. It give you natural look to your eyes.   Spaces between the eyelashes and eyeliner after applying eyeliner. Fill up this spaces, which gives accurate and define look to your eyes. Same process you have to repeat for lower lash line. For natural look you can be applied neutral shade of the eyeliner e.g., light brown.

Step – 5. Applying Liner to Lower Lash Line

pencil eyeliner lower lashes साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

When going to apply liner on lower lash line, place the finger on the outer edge of the lower eyelid and pull taut. And start to apply the liner stroke like same how applying on your upper lid. Line the  liner on entire lower lid. Line , just half of the lower lash line for more subtle look. For making eyes more opened you can apply lighter or brown shade of eyeliner on lower lash lines


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