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Steps of Gel Eyeliner

How to Apply Gel Eye Liner-3 Steps

There are different types of eyeliner. you can select the eyeliner which is suitable your face makeup. Eye liner comes in gel eye liner, pencil eye liner and liquid eye liner. there are different techniques which is applying for eye liner. you can start eyeliner from middle space of eyelid. Then end it till corner of eye.

Step – 1. Applying one side liner

Gel Eyeliner

For applying gel liner you have to use brush, gel liner comes in small pot. When you are going to apply eyeliner, unscrewed the small pot of gel eyeliner. Dip the liner brush into the pot, so only tip of the brush will coated into gel liner.

Gel liner can be dried out quickly, so you have to take care gel liner pot should not be kept open at the time of lining the liner. Suppose the eyeliner dries, then you just warm it on the flame, it would be found soft for use. You can easily made available to lining the liner on the eyelid.

Step – 2. Apply liner at Inner and Outer Corner


You begins to applying the gel liner from inner lash line and moving towards center of eye. Then apply liner to outer lash line and moving towards the outer edge of eye.

You can be applied liner in a arch shape, if your eyelid is tend to cover up eyeliner. This would be helped to see your liner when your eyes are open.  Or you can make dots and then connect the dots with each other and complete the stroke till the end.

Step – 3. Apply liner in the Center

gel eye liner filling gaps साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

After you start the lines on inner and outer edges, then you can fill in the gaps only in the center of your eyelid of eye lashes. Use small, lightly stroke to make even line along your upper lash line. To make the line even you have to ensure to go for several time for it. For define look you have to get more gel on tip of the brush and repeat it if it is needed. For smoky and smudged effect try to blend eye shadow along the edges of the liner.


 gel eye liner साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम