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How Smoking is Not Injurious to Health

Smoking is a fashion, nowadays younger are more sufferer, they never think, what will happen when they would be addicted to this poison. Everyone knows cigarette is a pipe with fire at one end and fool at another. Still knowing smoking cigarette is the drastic destruction of in their body. But still, everybody does this.

Smokers in India consumes an average of 8.2 cigarettes per day. Smoking is the 3rd top most health loss in India. Every day around 2,500 Indians dies with tobacco-related diseases. Over 5,500 children are starting to use tobacco every day. Children as young as 8 years old are involved.

Cigarette contains tobacco and tobacco contains nicotine. Nicotine is slow poison, which makes a human being completely addictive. In the chronic stage, it starts to damage the body parts of the human. Recent studies have been done, it shows women more than men have been smoking too much of tobacco.

The statistic shows 90% of Lung Cancer occurs due to cigarette smoking, a cigarette contains TAR, which is carcinogenic in nature. A person who has a habit of smoking will be prone not only lung cancer but also mouth cancer, throat cancer, tongue cancer in future.

How Smoking Cause Dangerous to Health

When smoke cigarette, he feels pleasure and day by day, increase the number of cigarettes, then he became addicted. Addiction means what? A person cannot work without smoking cigarette. His mind or he will not get energy. Here the deterioration of body starts. First, he shows the sign of breathlessness. It is called COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). In this disease, person’s blood vessels get constricted. When he smokes, nicotine work as a stimulator, but it is a toxin, which causes damaging of tissues of the lungs. In future person land up to cancer.

  • Smoking affects the heart. Due to smoking arteries gets hardening, which causes the blockage. Smoking causes the heart attack. Sometimes clot forms in the brain arteries and dislodges of clot gets stroke attack for the person. Death can occur. The person also land up with high blood pressure. Do you know… 90% of bypass surgeries happen with the people who is a smoker.
  • On road, we observe the black smoke and white smoke. White smoke is dangerous to our health because it contains the carbon monoxide. It creates the difficulty in breathing and gradually person suffers from COPD.
  • Smoking causes the cataract in the eyes. Also, causes ulcer due to toxins. Gums, jaw, and lips related disease occur due to smoking.

Women also smokes cigarette, which shows adverse effect on their health…

  • If women are the menopausal period, reduces bone mass density, decreases the calcium from the body. Low calcium causes fracture easily.
  • If both couples smoke, they can suffer fertility problem and also leads to erectile dysfunction, when smoking is chronic.
  • Suppose a woman is pregnant, she will be delivered a premature baby or would be chances of Intra Uterine Fetal Death or stillbirth (After the delivery immediate baby died). Sometimes babily suffers from the disability.
  • The woman who has skin conscious, smoking causes wrinkles on the skin, because smoking hampered the blood supply of skin.