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Say NO to others

How do I Tell Person NO Without Hurting Their Feelings?

Saying “NO” is very difficult, but saying “NO” is also beneficial in some kind of situations.  Will see both angles of “NO”.

Positive Angle

How we can say, it is a positive…, because when we use this word, another person who is waiting for our eyes. He will not depend on his work and gets the work completed from another source. Suppose a person is dominating, he will get the correct answer to his dominating behavior.

Negative Angle

How we can say, it is negative…., here saying NO to others is an art, use your words very lovingly to drive the positive attention of others. Start with some positive, simple situation to negative and complex, which is very simple to perceive others.

It is very simple as you deceive a child to a candy or a toy before you leave to prevent the child from crying to go with you.

Thinking through the reasons for why you want to say yes will help you to say no.

Keep very calm and use please in your conversations normal as before. For example, instead of saying direct NO, show your kindness in your words by saying “I understand, yes I agree, but it’s beyond my limit or not this time possible etc”.

If you feel you cannot fulfill someone’s expectation, then let them clearly know your decision. Just try to use polite kind words to reduce the impact.

The intention of saying NO is, you do not want to be rude with that person or Want to be helped that person or sometimes do not want to lose that opportunity or do not want to be made the other person angry or upset.

So, you could always be diplomatic, when you are saying NO

  1. Set your priorities and the same time convey to that person very politely as he can accommodate in a positive way.
  2. Always explain your current situation very politely and your task which has been completed within the certain period so he can understand you are in which situation.
  3. Do not show your disinterest directly, but convey to him you are nor the right person to complete his task.
  4. If anything is not possible then play blaming game. Put all blame to our nearest and dearest one, who does not like or does not allow.
  5. Sometimes, you should put it in a direct way when there is no option in front of you. NO, I cannot take or do it, but say it with politely with a smile.

Now what words you can use it depends on your relationship with that person. Understand the level of sensitivity of that person and as per that you can find your way. Be firm and ready to accept the result whatever it is.

One last thing, saying NO to someone early, kindly and unambiguously is a sign of respect which you show towards that person. It shows you are respectful of his valuable time. It also shows that you are in control of your own universe, aware of what you are and are not capable of giving.

At the end of the day, would not we rather have known as the master or our own universe than just the nice, cool person, isn’t it?