Friday , March 23 2018
  • Administrative skill managerial skill

    What Is Administrative Skill

    The most important area to be measured is administrative skills. Once the work is geared up to planning, organizing, developing, scheduling,  forecasting, controlling and evaluating the following administrative skills will be required…. Information Processing Communication information both upwards and downwards; …

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  • Why Training Fails ineffective training

    Why Training Fails

  • Business Strategy Vs. Military Strategy

    What Is Business Strategy vs Military Strategy

  • Uterine Massage palpation

    How To Give Uterine Massage

    Purpose-Uterine Massage To assess the level of uterine fundus where it is hard or soft. To determine firmness of the uterus. To promote contractility of the uterus. To assess lochia characteristics. To minimize the post partum bleeding with uterine massage. …

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  • Breast Care Education on breast care

    How To Do Breast Care In Delivered Women

  • Arterial Line Insertion of Arterial Line

    What is Arterial Line

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What is Targeted Therapy in Cancer

Target Therapy, Chemotherapy

Nowadays cancer is very common in all people, in old age, adult, adolescents, children etc. it’s spread very rapidly in each generation. To fight with cancer, pharmaceutical industries have been discovered the targeted therapy. Since the 1950s, there are significant …

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