Friday , April 19 2019
  • Arterial Line Insertion of Arterial Line

    What is Arterial Line

    Arteries are the large vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart (except for the pulmonary circuit, in which the arterial blood is deoxygenated). The distribution of the systemic arteries is like a ramified tree, the common trunk of …

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  • Lumber Puncture LP Tapping

    Assisting For Lumber Puncture of Child

  • Hysterectomy Management Hysterectomy Treatment

    How to do Hysterectomy Management

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What is Targeted Therapy in Cancer

Target Therapy, Chemotherapy

Nowadays cancer is very common in all people, in old age, adult, adolescents, children etc. it’s spread very rapidly in each generation. To fight with cancer, pharmaceutical industries have been discovered the targeted therapy. Since the 1950s, there are significant …

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