Wednesday , December 19 2018
  • Ambu Bagging Artificial Ventilation

    Ambu Bagging

    Purpose To ventilate apneic or spontaneously breathing patients to augment ventilation. To deliver supplemental oxygen. To prevent hypoxia. Scope Patients who are in critical condition or not responding. Definition A flexible reservoir bag connected by tubing and a non-rebreathing valve …

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  • Chest Drain complications

    Complications Related to Chest Drain

  • New Born Care Baby Care

    How to do New Born Care

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What is Targeted Therapy in Cancer

Target Therapy, Chemotherapy

Nowadays cancer is very common in all people, in old age, adult, adolescents, children etc. it’s spread very rapidly in each generation. To fight with cancer, pharmaceutical industries have been discovered the targeted therapy. Since the 1950s, there are significant …

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