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Brought Dead Expired Patient

Handling Brought Dead Body

What is a Purpose

To assist the relative of the deceased or brought dead to accept the facts and undergo the state of grief.

What is Scope

All those patients brought dead in the hospital found clinically dead before arrival.

Definition-Brought Dead Body

Death is generally considered as the separation of the soul and body; in which sense it stands opposed to life, which consists in the union thereof.


  • Examine dead body thoroughly i.e. pulse, blood pressure, respiration, heart sound, reflexes, pupils, etc.
  • Take ECG preferably in the presence of the relative to assurance of dead of a person.
  • Help the casualty medical officer in declaring death of the patient.
  • If treatment has been taken from same hospital then hospital is abide to give death certificate, if not receives dead body first time then..
  • Advise them to take the dead body to their residence and to obtain a Death Certificate either from their general practitioner or from the hospital from where the patient was referred to this hospital.
  • If require make transport facility for the relatives to transfer dead body.
  • Detail information provide to the dead body relatives for further procedure.
  • In Medico-Legal cases information given to the police station by casualty medical officer for further management.
  • Preserve the 12 lead ECG in the Brought Dead ECG File if requires in future. In Emergency record register the details of the dead person: name, age, sex, date, time, in what condition is entered.
  • In Brought Dead Register name, age, sex, date, time, relatives name, Valuables and if Medico legal case done and Police signature and if it is natural death the relatives signature is must.
  • Fix identification data on the wrist and on head of the dead person (name, age, sex, date and time).


Handling of Medico-Legal cases.


  • Death Certificate file.
  • Brought Dead Register.
  • Emergency Patient Register