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Gossip are Healthy for Healthy Life

Kuch to log kahenge,

Logo ka kam hai kahena,

Chhodo Bekar ki Baton ko…

Kahi Beet na Jaye…..

Gossip and women….. “Gossiping is a highly evolved social skill and an intra-sexual competition tactic that relates to women’s and men’s evolved preferences,” said Adam Davis of the University of Ottawa in Canada.

The word “Gossip” is not to be gender-specific, people are automatically associate women with gossip.

The origin of word Gossip comes from Old English word God-sibb. This term was given to a woman’s close female friend present at the birth of her child. We can say Godmother of that child. Later it used to identify any close female relationship. Over time the meaning turns up negative connotations until it is present-day meaning.

The word Gossip defines in Encarta’s World English Dictionary, “It’s a conversation about personal matters or personal details of other people’s lives.”  Just notice said the definition is not specific to gender but somehow the term gossip has become synonymous with women.

There are Similarities and Differences in the Way Men and Women Gossip?


According to the SIRC study. Men and women both seem to talk the same amount of time when they gossip and they generally talk about the same subjects.
Several differences were also noted between men and women when they gossip. When men gossips, they tend to talk more about themselves than women do.

Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC), a UK-based non-profit organization which conducts research on a variety of social topics, found that men tend to discuss “important” issues such as politics and arts more when women are in the room. This is to be done mainly as a way to impress women. Women are more honest about there gossip. As per the SIRC survey, 27% of women and 21% of men admitted using their own cell phone to gossip.

The study also noted that there was a difference in each genders’ “Gossip Partner”. Men are gossip mainly with their co-workers, partners, and female friends while women gossip more with same-sex friends and family members.

Finally, women are to be more animated when they gossip and provide more detail and feedback than men.

There are Benefits of Gossip

GossipingIt gets out what’s really bugging you.

Deborah Beroset, a communications expert for leadership training says that Gossiping could be an opportunity to assess the underlying reason for the situation: Do you feel overworked or under-appreciated? Is it really your coworkers’ fault? Sometimes asking for changes in the work environment is the real issue.

It establishes Cooperation and Trust

Researchers at Stanford University found that when people learn about the behavior of others through gossip, they more often use this information to align with that deemed cooperative. This serves the group’s collective good.

It Relieves Stress.

According to the Stanford study, another benefit of gossip is that it relieves anxiety/stress. In an experiment, researchers found that participants who witnessed someone behaving badly experienced stress and an increase in heart rate, blood pressure. They Warn others about what they saw, however, lessened the effect.

It fosters self-improvement

Researchers at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands noted that hearing good stories about others provided motivation for self-improvement; even though the gossip is negative, there is often a positive outcome for those being “targeted.” The study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, noted that when people know others might gossip about them, they are more likely to learn from bad experiences and reform their behavior by cooperating more in future group settings.

It Provides a Reality Check.

“If you want to know whether someone else is having a similar experience, you can simply ask in a non-accusatory manner, whether anyone else has experienced the same phenomenon,” says clinical psychologist Andrea Andrzejczak of Grosse Pointe, Michigan. “That way,” she says, “You’re not actually dissing the person, you’re simply inquiring.

Gossiping is Equal to Feedback

Gossips are like overflowing tanks of verbosity, which get uncontrollable for chronic gossipers. Statements could really help you carry out some self-analysis. It could be life changing for some people. Many long-standing mess-ups could have come to a happy end if you get to know about the ‘repelling elements’ in your personality. No one would have dared to speak it out on your face directly.

It Can Save Your Ass!

Gossip is a double-edged sword. It could be malicious or it could be benefited you in a variety of ways. All you need to do is to learn the tricks. In many cases, gossips would be helped you create an outline of the environment and people around you.

Reach Out to Your Sub-Conscious

If we really wish to know our real face – our weaknesses, desires, causes of jealousies or hatred grooming inside us, then this gossiping is the solution. At a subconscious level,  any concept is simple and direct. It is the sub-conscious where ego manipulates our real self. Those hidden concepts to be made way for gossips.

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