Monday , March 25 2019
Uterine Massage palpation

How To Give Uterine Massage

Purpose-Uterine Massage

  • To assess the level of uterine fundus where it is hard or soft.
  • To determine firmness of the uterus.
  • To promote contractility of the uterus.
  • To assess lochia characteristics.
  • To minimize the post partum bleeding with uterine massage.
  • To prevent health hazards which mother may expose.
  • To detect, diagnose and provide management of any abnormality as early as possible.

Definition-Uterine Massage

Massage the uterus to expel blood and blood clots and prevent post delivery bleeding.

Applicable Areas

Gyneac and Obstetric Department.


Consultant, Medical Officer, Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Head Nurse.


  • Clean gloves to prevent infection.
  • Sterile pad.
  • Rubber sheet to prevent soiling of clothes.
  • Screen to provide privacy to delivered woman


  • Explain the procedure and its purpose to the mother, so we get permission for uterine massage.
  • Prepare equipment and take to bedside.
  • Screen the mother’s bed.
  • Close window if open.
  • Wash hands with following hand hygiene steps.
  • Instruct woman to empty her bladder.
  • Place mother in a supine position.
  • Put-on clean gloves and lower the perineal pad.
  • Use the flat part of the finger for ablation[removal of material from the surface of object].
  • Place the non-dominant hand above the symphysis
  • Begin palpation at the umbilicus and palpate gently.
  • Note the firmness and location of the fundus.
  • If the fundus is difficult to locate or is soft or atonic, keep the non-dominant hand above the symphysis pubis and massage the fundus with the dominant hand until the fundus is firm.
  • Observe the vulva for passage of blood clots and for development of hematomas or bleeding from lacerations.
  • Remove bloody pads, clean perineum and apply sterile perineal pad.
  • Help the client to find a comfortable position.
  • Record consistency and location of the fundus and bleeding.
  • Report the condition of the fundus.
  • Wash hands after care away of equipment.


Nurses Observation Sheet.