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Healthcare Marketing Ethics in Healthcare

Ethics in Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare industry is different from other industries. Healthcare professionals believe that there must be distinction between healthcare marketing ethics and marketing ethics of other industries. Healthcare marketing efforts must reflect the highest ethical standards because healthcare customers lack the knowledge required to make educated choices.

Ethics in Healthcare Marketing

Professionals in the healthcare industry must establish a different position of trust with regard to their patients or customers. The customers or patients rely on the healthcare professionals for advice regarding their health and well-being hence healthcare marketing ethics are important.

A good healthcare marketing ethics model must meet the following criteria. The model must…

  • Be easy to understand and follow.
  • Fit the realities of healthcare management.

For the model to have practical application it must meet the following criterion

  • Both customers and providers must have balanced rights.
  • Healthcare organisations must be able to market their services aggressively if they are to stay in business.
  • Consumers must be able to rely on the accuracy of a healthcare organisation marketing claims.

Ethical principles

Ethical theories and principles are the fundamentals of ethical analysis. Each principle highlights different points such as predicting the outcome and following one’s duties in order to reach an ethically correct decision.

The following ethical principles can be applied to healthcare marketing with least expenses...

Patient welfare 

Hospitals and other healthcare organisations must put the patient’s welfare at the forefront of healthcare marketing ethics. Healthcare professionals have a moral and legal obligation to provide best advice in the interest of individual patient’s welfare. If there is a conflict between patient’s health and professional’s fee, then the patients’ health must be the priority for healthcare organisations. If the patient is serious, then the hospitals and clinics have to accept the patient even if he is not able to pay for the medical expenses.

Cost and services 

The healthcare professionals must not prescribe or recommend treatment that is not in the interest of the patient’s health. Healthcare organisations must not induce a patient to accept unnecessary risk.

Accuracy in advertising

Maintaining high standards of honesty and accuracy is one of the most important ethics of healthcare marketing. Healthcare marketers must avoid false or misleading advertising. Marketers have an obligation to provide fair and accurate information about their products or services. Any healthcare or medical related advertisement that is not beneficial to the customers must not be advertised.

Be accountable to the public

Unlike other type of markets and organisations, healthcare marketing has an added obligation to the public in terms of accountability. Hence, the healthcare marketers must follow a transparent method in order to gain public confidence in their marketing policies.