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E-Marketing Strategies E-Marketing

E-Marketing Strategies for Healthcare Services

The strategies for e-marketing need to be carefully worked out to achieve the targets set by the customer. The healthcare industry as a customer today is very dynamic in terms of services and business propositions.

Hospitals now function like the corporate businesses, and work in the tradition of financial business. In terms of work culture services are provided round the clock. Examples like Fortis Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals are termed as national chain of hospitals just the way hotels like Taj and Oberoi are different chains of hotels. Thus, the operations of such conglomerates require exceptionally planned marketing strategies.

The success of a good e-marketing campaign depends on many factors, of which identifying the target audience is the most critical factor. The audience defines the workability of a strategy as it is the target for any campaign and influences the achievement of the marketing campaign goals.

Identifying the Online Audience-E-Marketing

A good e-marketing plan becomes successful when the target audience is correctly identified. Since marketing is targeted at a particular audience, e-marketing in the healthcare sector also depends on the correct identification of its audience. The following are ways to identify the perfect target audience:

Actual Geographical Location

The actual geographical location of the business matters has to be verified. The location of a hospital is important to the audience since the hospital as a structure is used; the physical presence is essential. For a hospital, the ideal target audience is the people within the vicinity of that hospital. For example, X Hospital situated in Karnataka addresses the people of the same state and neighbouring states rather than foreign countries.

Problems and Needs

A good understanding of the problems and the related needs of an audience helps identify the appropriate target. For example, e-marketing that focuses on the emergency unit of a hospital considers the urgent needs of the patients and expert medical help when devising the marketing plan. The requirement of this target audience may be resolved by the information provided in the marketing campaign.


The selection of an audience based on age, gender, marital status, job, education, and family size provides accuracy in targeting an audience. For example, an e-marketing strategy for illness related to women targets only women.

Services Offered

Once the selection of audience is made, the e-marketing campaign should consider the services that the healthcare unit provides. It should check whether the services are appropriate and if they require any modifications. It should check if any additional information or change can increase the sale of the services or products that are being marketed.

Getting equipped for e-campaign

Once the target audience is identified and the services and products are ready to be marketed, the e-marketing campaign should be ready to start. E-marketing of the healthcare sector includes various components like having a domain name of the hospital or pharmaceutical company,

optimising the search engine criteria, an attractive and interactive web page, user friendly site with feedback options, and so on. The facility to track visitors of the webpage is extremely important in e-marketing because it helps in creating a list of visitors who can be addressed through personalised advertisements, thus creating a niche customer base.

Apart from the technical aspect of being ready for e-marketing, other activities like promotional campaigns, inaugural receptions, and personalised advertising also facilitate the launch of a business.