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Discharge going home

Discharge Casualty Patient


Patient got immediate short-term treatment  for cure any physical treatment and got discharge from casualty.


To ensure that the staff is aware about patient going home protocol of the hospital.


Discharge planning is a centralized, co-ordinate, multidisciplinary process which ensures that the patient has a plan for continuing care after leaving the hospital.

Applicable Areas

Patients who are visiting to casualty for short-term treatment.


Consultant, CMO and Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Housekeeping Attendant.


  • Confirm the patient’s condition from the concerned consultant or Casualty Medical Officer.
  • Casualty Medical Officer enter the order for discharge in the emergency case paper.
  • Examine the patient whether he is feeling better or not and send patient at home.
  • If patient stays minimum 4 hours, half-day bed charges are charged along with any other procedure as per hospital policy.
  • Make sure all medicine has to get replace from the patient before sending patient at home.
  • Instruct the patient follow-up treatment
  • Instructions for treatment.


  • Emergency Case Paper
  • Emergency Patient Register