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Specific Risk Factor, Feet Care

Diabetes Risk Factors of Indian Festival

For diabetes person, they have to take special care for their feet. Festivals are the specific risk factor which affects on Indians. Festivals are very important for Indians. These are the days people enjoys a lot.

People eats more sweets, which gives bad effects on health of the diabetes person. Most of the time weather also effects on diabetes patients. in all season and festivals people should take care of their feet


संबंधित प्रतिमा

Diwali festival is known as a festival of lights. In Diwali festival, everybody burnt crackers and thrown on the ground. This could be also lead to a burn in the foot. Suppose diabetic  person suffers with neuropathy then does not know about burning part of the foot. When person is having diabetes always they should wear footwear. They should choose foot wear which should not be bite or harm their feet.


Holi साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

Festival like holi, colours used which may contain chemical additives. Suppose person is having wound then colours irritate a diabetic foot wound. Holi is burnt by people, this rituals everybody follow. Person who is having diabetes they should take care of their feet with burning.

Customs and Rituals

customs and rituals bare foot walking in mandir साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

There are some customs and rituals which person has to follow. Some time in customs and rituals require barefoot walking during a pilgrimage trip or for entering a religious place.


संबंधित प्रतिमा

Person who is having diabetes, they should take more care of their foot in season. In rainy season is prone to infections. In rainy season person should dry their feet properly. Keep away your feet from continuous wet and winter season caused development of the dry skin, cracks and fissures on the feet. In winter season air is too dry, which damage the skin. You should use some moisturizer which keeps your skin smooth, warm.


overcrowding साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

When overcrowding places, where person gets injury to their feet. Overcrowding train, buses and road, where diabetic foot patients are more prone to suffer from injury to the affected leg

There is limited awareness and education about foot care among Indian diabetes patients.