Friday , May 24 2019


Methods Of Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation Employee Evaluation

To achieve quality improvement, it is important to evaluate the performances  of all employees   in a healthcare organisation. Performance Evaluation Methods chosen to evaluate in a healthcare organisation.  The performances play a significant role …

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Quality Dimensions In Healthcare Management

Quality Dimensions parameters

Healthcare quality has several dimensions like reporting, documentation, quantity of or access to care, patient satisfaction, reputation, clinical processes, utilisation, review and medical necessity determinations. By observing the quality of care laws and metrics, and …

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Introduction of quality management

Quality means “degree of excellence” and depends on what the person perceives in a particular situation. The can be user-oriented,supplier-oriented or cost oriented. Quality is an essential constituent of every activity in the organisation. Quality …

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Quality Overview Introduction

In scientific terms, the simplest meaning of quality is, “the degree of adherence of a product or service to the predetermined specification.”  It may be termed good or bad, high or low, depending on the …

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