Friday , May 24 2019


What is Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy Drugs, Cytotoxic Drugs

Administration of cytotoxic drugs (chemotherapy drugs) which will act on abnormal cells as well as cancer cells.  What is cancer, Cancer is defined as abnormal growth of the cell which is function-less, limitless, purposeless and …

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What is the Types of Cancer

Types of Cancer, Groups of Cancer

There are more than 100 types of cancer. Cancer types usually named for the organs or tissues, where the cancer is to be formed, eg., Lung cancer starts from the lung cells and brain cancer …

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What is Cancer

Cancer, CA

Cancer is a growth of abnormal cell in the body. It develops anywhere in the body part. These abnormal growth is also known as cancer cells, malignant cells or tumour cells. In cancer the body’s …

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Acid / Base Imbalance

Acid Base Imbalance ABG

An alteration in the acid/base balance  can result in diminished or increased  pH An accumulation of hydrogen ions results in an acidosis An alkalosis results from either a loss of hydrogen ions or an accumulation …

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Arterial Blood Gas

Arterial Blood Gas, ABG

An arterial blood gas, it is a test of blood. It measures the acidity (pH), level of oxygen and carbon dioxide from the blood. This test shows the function of the lungs. It shows, how …

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