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Breast Care Education on breast care

How To Do Breast Care In Delivered Women

Purpose of Breast Care

  • To clean the Breast.
  • To prevent the cracked nipples.
  • To encourage milk flow.
  • Avoid sucking in micro-organism.

Definition – Breast Care

A method for breast care the breast in preparation for feeding an infant. Your milk comes in on the third or fourth day after your baby is born—medicine that stops breast milk from coming in is no longer used. It is very important that you take good care of your breasts. Breast care includes wearing a good support bra and keeping your breasts clean and free from infection and skin problems. Allow some breast milk to dry on your nipples. Breast milk contains natural skin softeners and antibodies to fight infection, which can help heal nipples and keep them healthy.

Applicable Areas

Gyneac & Obstetric Department and NICU.


Consultant, Medical Officer, Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Head Nurse.


  • Macintosh-to prevent spoiling of cloths of mother
  • Paper bag-to collect waste material
  • Warm Water-to wash breast
  • Gauze or cotton material-to clean the breast


  • Wash hands with soap and water with following all steps of hand hygiene.
  • Prepare equipment for breast care.
  • Explain procedure to woman.
  • Put the woman in a comfortable position.
  • Maintain privacy of mother for procedure.
  • Ask the mother to expose her breast.
  • Place Macintosh under the breast/back, to prevent the spoil of the bedsheet.
  • Explain the position to mother for examination of breast
  • Inspect and observe the breast and palpation the breast and nipple.
  • Massage the Breast from up to down the areola and nipples.
  • Express few drops of colostrum or milk from breast to check the breast.
  • Hold the breast with left hand and clean by warm water, ginning with the nipple and areola and going outward in a circular motion.
  • Dry the breast in the same manner.
  • Apply a drop of breast milk on 2 nipples.
  • Apply a piece of gauze on the nipple and areola.
  • Discard paper bag with wastes as per hospital infection protocol.
  • Cover the mother’s breast.
  • Instruct mother about importance of breast care and feeding.
  • Wash hands with following hand hygiene steps.
  • Record observation.


Nurses Observation Sheet