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ABG Collection Blood Gas Analysis

Assisting For ABG Collection Of Child


For accurate assessment of acid-base status and for assessing degree of oxygenation of blood and adequacy of alveolar ventilation.


Child who are in hypoxic condition.


Assisting for collection of blood sample from an artery by performing an arterial puncture.

Applicable Areas



Staff Nurse,  Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Attendant.


Once Doctor orders for ABG, keep following things ready –

  • Disposable 2 cc Syringe with needle, flushed with Heparin with connect disposable needle.
  • Disposable Scalp Vein No. 22 / 23 / 24 (1).
  • IV Pack.
  • Betadine solution and spirit.
  • Disinfectant for hand Hygiene.
  • Check if the form is filled by the Doctor.
  • Inform Pathology so that they keep the ABG machine ready.
  • Get all the required articles next to the child.
  • Restraint the child hand.
  • Clean the area first by Betadine then spirit twice and wait for ½ min.
  • Collect the sample in heparinized syringe approximately (0.5 to 1ml), after the doctor punctures the artery.
  • Remove air bubble from syringe recap with disposable needle, label it and keep it on ice pack or in kidney tray containing ice cubes and send with ward attendant to the pathology department along with the Pathology register.
  • Segregate generated Bio-Medical Waste as per the HIC policy.
  • Collect the report on phone and inform the concerned Doctor.
  • Complete all the documents.


Nurse’s Observation Sheet.