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Tips of Nail Art, Home techniques

Amazing Tips to Do Nail Art at Home

Applying nail polish on the nail bed is an art. For everyone, it is not possible to paint nail art with nail polish, but it can be possible if you are going through some tricks. There are various tips which you can apply for fancy nail art. Below here some tips for simple, instant nail art.

  • You keep your nails free from any kind of oils and any lotions before you begin the nail art.
  • You can apply a layer of glue/fevicol around the nails so that it could be peeled off when you want to change the nail art.
  • You can use paintbrush or ear buds dipped in nail polish remover to remove the nail polish.
  • Apply petroleum jelly, the skin around your nails. It would be easy a quick clean up extra nail paint.
  • Always sit when you are doing nail art because it gives good control of art.
  • You can cut tapes as per shapes which you want to create on your nails.
  • In the festival, as per festival, you can create the shape with different tapes and papers.
  • If you want to give any message to your friend, you can make the shape of the words and place on the nail bed and paint with nail polish.
  • You can use two or more than two colors at a time.
  • For dotted design, you can use the toothpick for small dots or polka dots.
  • For bigger dots, you can use a pop pin or ear bud.
  • When you apply one nail paint always allow to dry it. Then go to the next step.
  • After completing nail art, allow to dry and use transparent nail polish coat on it.
  • It gives shine to your nails.
  • Before creating nail art. Always apply a base of dark nail polish, which gives glamorous look to your hand.
  • Do not apply nail paint for a longer period. It changes the color of the nails, which is abnormal.
  • When you are removed nail paint, do not apply again at least 7 days. Nail requires oxygen.
  • Nail paint blocks the breathing.

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