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Admission of Delivery Patient Assessment of Delivery patient

Admission Screening Of Delivery Patient

Delivery Patient

Before or during the early stages of labor, our comprehensive perinatal monitoring helps efficiently care for mothers and their babies while enhancing the birthing experience.

Purpose –  Admission Screening of Delivery patient

To ensure that the patient undergoes admission formalities without any problem.

Scope – Admission Screening of Delivery patient

Patient who are getting admitted in the Maternity Ward.

Definition- Admission Screening of Delivery patient

Patient admitted in the hospital for observation, investigation, diagnosis, treatment and care,

Applicable Areas

Obstetric and Gyneac Department.


Billing Clerk, Ward Clerk, Head Nurse, Staff Nurse, Auxillary Nurse Midwife and Housekeeping Attendant.


  • Receive patient from billing department.
  • The unit is kept ready by the housekeeping.
  • Ward clerk / staff nurse checks the paper and takes admission in the Admission Register.
  • Patient / relatives are oriented to the unit and make him / her comfortable.
  • Housekeeping assists the patient in changing the clothes.
  • Medical Officer assesses the patient and informs the primary consultant about the new admission for management.
  • Healthcare member explains the plan of care to the delivery patient her relatives.
  • After admission the patient is taken to the ward and made him/her lie comfortably in dorsal recumbent position with thighs slightly flexed.
  • Patient’s history is taken again; general conditions and vital signs are observed. Physical assessment form is filled.
  • Perform abdominal palpation by following the principles of :
    • Inspection (Lie / Enlargement / Skin condition / Any other operation marks)
    • Palpation (Fundal Grip / Lateral or Umbilical Grip / Pawlik’s Grip).
    • Auscultation
    • Internal Examination
  • Fetal heart rate checked by using Doppler machine.
  • Vaginal examination is performed to assess the dilatation, presentation, effacement, station and for presence of membranes.
  • Fetal Heart beats are monitored in every 15-30 mins. Patient counseling is done through out the waiting period.
  • Documentation is done on the Labour Assessment Form along with the pain rating scale.


  • Admission & Discharge Register.
  • Nurse’s Observation Sheet.