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3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Skin Moisturized in Winter

In winter, how you can keep your skin healthy, moisture and beautiful is very difficult. Following 3 steps, where you can keep your skin soft and supple. For prevention of dryness only 3 easy steps you have to follow and moisture is on your door step.

Skin Toning

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Most of the time, when winter season get starts and people feeling tightening in the skin because of dryness, they start to search moisturizer. Moisturizer which gives their skin long lasting effect of smoothness.  Most of the time they go ahead with the first step of moisturizer and the third or last step of moisturizer of skin and they leaves behind the second or middle steps. It means, people clean their skin with cleanser and immediately apply moisturizer on the skin. They forget the important step of toning of the skin which is equally important for the skin. Especially in winter, when skin gets dry due to dry weather. Toning helps your skin to open pores and make it breathable. If your skin is oily, they it will secretes oil to compensate the dryness. In winter, you have to take care of your skin, otherwise you become loss the tone of skin.

Drinking of Lukewarm Water

Drinking of Lukewarm Water साठी प्रतिमा परिणाम

During winter season, your body gets reflexive. It is trying to run away from the cold things. When cold increases and your body start to resist it. Even the drinking of water gets reduce. Sometime you feel difficult to drink water also. If try to make water little bit warm / lukewarm, you will not be face any difficulty in drinking of water. During winter your body gets dry due to dry weather, also your body becomes dry from inside as there is no sweat. You have to increase your water intake as you were drinking in other season. At least you have to drink 2-3 litre of water per day, which helps to maintain moisture of your body. This is a very cheap and easy remedy which you can use to keep your body healthy, soft and beautiful. There is no harm to drink lukewarm water in winter season, which helps you to drink adequate water.

Night Moisturizer

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Winter season is known for the dryness of the skin. Due to dryness, skin become stretch and start to breaking down and sometimes it gets bleed from the breaking skin. Wrinkles also common during winter. It essential to apply moisturizer and cold cream on your skin. If your moisturizer is short acting then you would be applied it on several times on your skin and if it is long lasting then it gives longer effect where, you need not apply again and again. During day time everybody takes care of their skin very well, but during night it is equally important to keep your skin moist, smooth. You cannot use short acting moisturizer repeatedly. You should choose long acting moisturizer, which keeps your skin healthy, soft and supple. Night moisturizer is equally important like day.